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The Painted Ladies Play Selections From The Loner

by The Painted Ladies

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Radio Free Americana A powerful album with a powerful message, and it ROCKS!
Keppel Sands
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Keppel Sands I've never heard Vic Simms' original album, but will certainly be searching for it now. This is a covers record with some deep lyrical content about racial prejudices. Songs are class, musicianship terrific and a nice alt-country feel about it. A lovely little find that will hold a place in my favourite musical treasures box, sitting pretty next to the likes of Tex Perkins' Dark Horses and Dan Sultan. Favorite track: Stranger In My Country.
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Everyone loves a good story, especially a story with a soundtrack like this one. 

In 2011, Luke Peacock happened upon "The Loner", an album of songs written and recorded in extraordinary circumstances in 1973, by Vic Simms. The impact that these songs had on Luke led the young Murri singer/songwriter on a musical, spiritual and historical journey as he formed a unique and powerful friendship with Vic Simms, a Bidjigal elder and undoubted Australian rock'n'roll treasure.

In early 2013, Luke created The Painted Ladies. He gathered the "easiest group of musicians ever to assemble". He took his favourite songs from Vic's album, re-invented them and spent a week in the studio giving them another life. The results speak for themselves. Passionate and no-holds-barred takes on the songs of "The Loner", proving that truly great songs never expire.

With Uncle Vic by their side, they heard stories, told stories and created new stories. These songs sit deep at the centre of all of them.


released March 1, 2014

Produced by Rusty Hopkinson



all rights reserved


The Painted Ladies Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Get Back Into The Shadows
Get Back In The Shadows

I walked into this dive one night
The air was thick from smoking
A frunky said "hey boy, get out"
I said "you must be joking"

Well I sat up near the group that played
The sound was loud and tinny
Yeah I was mummas dark-haired boy
I was her brown-eyed piccaniny

And this joint was fine, it blew my mind
I just got down to grooving
Then I looked around to see this man
Who said "hey boy, get moving"

He said "if you're...
If you're brown, stay round
and if you're white", he said, "its alright
and if you're black, you get back in to the shadows

Well I got up, I left the scene
I tell ya, I was dreaming
Cos still in all, there was no call
For him to say "you're leaving"

And when I got home, I felt alone
I felt my spirits broken
My mum came in and saw my grin
And she knew what had been spoken

And we both said…
If you're brown, stay round
and if you're white", she said, "its alright
and if you're black, you get back in to the shadows
Track Name: Try To Understand
Try To Understand

Left the country reservation
I had to see those city lights
That the glossy brochure offered
Luring me to unseen sights

I had to meet the painted ladies
Who said "Honey, come on in
It's the colour of your money
Not the colour of your skin"

I lived in an environment
I tried to overcome
Well I couldn't do my own sweet thing
Was under someones thumb

But here I try to get ahead
As I look around
I see misery, I see the pain
On unfamiliar grounds


Well I cry out in frustration
How I feel despair
But give them time, there faults will show
Thats when they'll start to care

A little time to help themselves
Gain the upper hand
From them and me, I make the plea
Just try to understand


But here I try to get ahead
As I look around
I see misery, I see the pain
On unfamiliar grounds

I see my outclassed people
In their efforts to adjust
In rented rooms, all ghetto types
Of peeling paint and rust
Track Name: Karens Song
Karen's Song

You're the one that's worth knowing
Who gave me the will to survive
Well honey I know where i'm going
Cos you make me know
Cos you make me know
Cos you make me know I'm alive

Baby the life i was leading
For me was no good at all
You're the one I've been needing
I know you'll be there
I know you'll be there
I know you'll be there when I call

You're my inspiration
The one I idolise
I see your dedication
And the love shining out
And the love shining out
And the love shining out of your eyes

Track Name: Poor Folks Happiness
Poor Folks Happiness

Your mum's a well-known socialite
Your Dad's in real estate
And you come to this dingy hole
Where we all congregate
Is it because you cannot stand
The so-called 'friends' you meet?
Do you feel you're on level terms
With folk who can't compete?

I watched you walk into the lounge
I see you dance and sing
And then you go to your palatial home
Where you've got everything

And you drive a fancy foreign car
Your gears the latest craze
And I read of your rich gathering
On some social gossip page

And your folks get around the high-class class clubs
In chauffeured limousines
But you prefer to shun this group
And diplomatic scenes



Well I can't see how a chick like you
Can feel lost and alone
When there's people at your beckon call
By picking up your phone
So don't you let them catch you crying
On your satin eider down
You just dry your eyes, throw away your disguise
And come to our part of town

In your world of false madonnas
It's anybody's guess
You come here to try the friendship
And the poor folks happiness

Track Name: Living My Life By The Day
Living My Life By The Days


I'm living my life by the days
I'm living my life by the days
Yesterdays history
Tomorrows a mystery
I'm living my my my my my my my life by the days

Yesterday was a strange situation
But today my minds not the same, oh no
Tomorrow is no consolation
Cos who knows how life plays his game


Yesterday I was one kind of puppet
While today no ones pulling the strings, oh no
Tomorrow is all just a memory
Laughing loud with the thought that it brings



Yesterday I sure didn't know much
While today its still clear in my mind, oh yes it is
While tomorrows todays way of thinking
Though its 24 hours behind


Track Name: Stranger In My Country
Stranger In My Country

Stranger in my country
Stranger in my land
Today to somewhere, no account
Tomorrow, something grand

I doubt if you'd agree with me
Or if you'd understand
Until that day for guys like me
I'm a stranger in my land

Forgive me if it seems as though
But I am not mistaken
Cos Im the one who you forgot
After my land was taken

In early years we were put down
Cast aside as vermin
Women, men and kids shot down
Then tamed by a bible sermon


They say that black is beautiful
I learned it far and wide man
Are you sincere in what you say?
If not please step aside then

This land is like a store-bought pie
And lots of people come
All to get themselves a slice
And I can't get a crumb


Don't try to understand me now
Ive seen the sights that pain ya
Has it really changed for me
Since round up in Tasmania?

Black Australia has his pride
And his culture and his Dreamtime
Is he to lose all this as well
I wonder in the meantime…..